Sophie Dupuis is a francophone composer from and based in New Brunswick, interested in interdisciplinary art music, opera and voice, electroacoustic and acoustic music. She finds her inspiration in the picturesque scenery of the Maritimes where she grew up, in her attraction to raw electrical sounds and to various forms of performance art. Her works have been commissioned and performed by soloists and groups such as Duo Holz, The Art Song Project, Made in Trio, Din of Shadows, Caution Tape Sound Collective, Thin Edge New Music Collective, ECM+ and Esprit Orchestra.


Sophie received a Karen Kieser Prize in Canadian Music from the University of Toronto and several prizes for her studies in music, including the University Medal in Music from Dalhousie University, an Ontario Graduate Scholarship, the John Weinzweig Graduate Scholarship and the Theodoros Mirkopoulos Fellowship in Composition two years in a row. She was chosen by composer James Rolfe to receive the 2019 Johanna Metcalf Performing Arts Prize Protégée award. Sophie recently completed her graduate degree and is now working on developing her skills with live and fixed electroacoustics. Aside from her activities as a composer, she works as a violinist, arranger and music educator of violin, piano and theory. She is actively engaged in her community as a volunteer, notably with her role as President of the Canadian League of Composers since 2020.


Sophie holds a Bachelor of Music in composition from Dalhousie University, and a Masters of Music and Doctorate of Musical Arts in composition from the University of Toronto.