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🎻 Violin

🎹 Piano

🎼 Theory

👂🏼 Ear training

💭 Composition

             (in French or English)

Why Online Lessons?

"I could just watch YouTube..."

Yes, I've heard it before. But here are a few things to consider

  • Lessons with a LIVE teacher ensures that they are tailored to your needs and pace.

  • It's great to have feedback on what you do well, and what you can focus on during your practice to make efficient use of your time.

  • A teacher can comment on your technique to help prevent injuries and perform better.

  • Accountability =  Extra motivation to practice and reach the next level.​

  • Of course you can watch videos, but why aren't you? A teacher will help you get started and give you guidance in your musical journey.


  • 4 lessons x 30 minutes = $ 120.00

  • 4 lessons x 60 minutes = $ 200.00

-Lessons are payable in advance.
-Scheduled lessons may be cancelled and rescheduled 24 hrs prior to the lesson.

-You can take lessons with a friend!

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