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For Violin and Percussion
Percussion List:
Woodblock (Low, Medium, High)
Metals (Low, Medium, High)

Snare Drum

Slit Drum


Chinese cymbal (low)
Approx. 7 min

Taken by the Locos was inspired by a scene in the DreamWorks animation movie Madagascar, where the heroes interact with a group of lemurs and other kookie creatures with protruding eyes. Their chief is so very eccentric, completely lacks tact and has absurd ideas. He is the perfect leader to this bunch of wackos who are nonetheless so very charming for the simple fact that they’re absolutely unapologetically themselves. The phonetics of the word “loco” inspired the choice of percussion instruments, while the violin lines were written with the intent to portray the meaning of the word.

Taken by the Locos

  • PDF Format, 8.5 x 11 inches

    10 pages score

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